New Albany root canal

New Albany Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in New Albany

A painful tooth is no fun. Toothaches, sensitivity to hot, cold or percussion are all symptoms that decay and infection may be attacking the soft inner core of your teeth called the pulp. In most cases there is a relatively simple procedure that can ease the pain, stop the sensitivity and save the tooth – a root canal. New Albany root canal procedures are expertly performed by Dr James Garland and our staff at Spring Family Dental. Our doctor will do a complete examination, diagnose the problem and discuss all the details of each treatment option with you.

A New Albany root canal is needed when the pulp is infected by decay or an infection, which can be caused when a crack or chip develops in the protective layer called the denton. Above the gumline the denton is guarded by an additional outer layer of enamel and below the gum the denton is surrounded by cementum. When either of these outer layers is breached irritants and debris get inside and cause decay, infection and eventually an abscess.

New Albany root canal procedures get a bad rap for being painful. This is definitely not the case given today’s advancements in treatment technology and anesthesia. Should root canal be the treatment that’s right for you our experienced staff will do its best to ensure that your treatment will be as painless and discomfort free as possible. First, a local anesthetic is administered near the tooth’s nerve, which will numb the area. Our doctor will then clear out the injured pulp and make sure that the root is completed cleaned and then sealed. While pulp is important for nourishing the tooth while it is developing in the child, it is not vital once adulthood is reached. After the endodontic treatment has been completely a crown will often be placed over the treated tooth to keep it from becoming infected again. The tooth will now be strong and should survive without any pain. Given that a simple root canal can eliminate pain and save teeth please call our office for a consultation whenever you feel any tooth discomfort.

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