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Dental plaque in New Albany

It’s sticky and it’s invisible, but without a doubt the most important thing to know about dental plaque is that it is a serious hazard to your teeth and gums. It’s the primary cause of dental decay, leading to the formation of cavities in your teeth. Gum disease is also traced back to it, with irritation and redness at first, and then inflammation and infection later on. Fortunately, you are not helpless against its effects. At Spring Family Dental, we want to help you prevent the worst consequences of dental plaque.

Sugar is the catalyst for plaque growth. So when you eat candy, cookies, cake, ice cream or even fruit, the result is going to be plaque. The same is true of your beverages, especially soda and sweetened teas and lemonades. But there’s sugar in many hidden places, like ketchup and salsa. Starches like pasta, bread, potatoes, and rice are the same as sugar for the purposes of dental plaque. Our New Albany dentist office isn’t suggesting that you never have any sugar or starch. That’s not very likely. What is, though, is keeping your consumption limited to the extent you are able. Dental plaque is there to greet you every day. You wake up with that filmy feeling on your teeth, and morning breath. That’s the bacteria from plaque. And it’s probably the single biggest motivation for brushing your teeth first thing. Do so again after meals, and then again before bed, accompanied at that last session by a thorough flossing. And then visit our New Albany dentist office every six months. An oral examination and x-rays are necessary to detect cavities and fill them promptly. And our teeth cleaning removes built up tartar, which results from plaque not removed during your home oral hygiene. Furthermore, it reverses the signs of early stage gum disease.

Why not contact us right now? Schedule your next visit to our New Albany dentist office and do your best to conquer dental plaque.

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